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AWI sea ice portal online

© jacqueline macou/pixabay

The name says it all on the sea ice portal. With the provision of up-to-date data, high-quality visualizations and informative (research) articles, the portal opens a unique gateway for users from a wide variety of target groups in German-speaking countries to obtain first-hand information about the complex "sea ice" from scientific sources. In the name of knowledge transfer, the platform, which is technically connected to the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, has been offering a comprehensive insight into scientific findings on the subject of sea ice for almost 10 years now. Experts from a wide range of sea ice-related expertise are involved on the information and data portal in order to share their knowledge and broaden it in society. wiminno was commissioned to relaunch the information platform. In 7 months, wiminno created a completely new Portal in close cooperation with the AWI. The services included concept, design and programming in TYPO3. With the relaunch, wiminno is implementing another portal for science communication.