Digital Agency


Accessible Web design

First impressions count! A catchy design can determine whether a visitor decides to leave or stay on your site. Our responsive and accessible designs are there to expand your audience, with engaging layouts making the viewer curious for more. Our creative concepts focus on the visual aesthetic needed of each target group. In order to fulfill these expectations, we apply the usability of our graphics and design team to all phases of the creative process.

Photoshoot - Photo Styling

Whether for portraits, manufacturing equipment or kitchen utensils - wiminno creates professional images.

  • For our clients CS Cooking Systems, wiminno photographed cutlery and cooking materials in use and maintained the food styling for their webshop.
  • For our clients radprax, wiminno produced the entire photo material on their websites: Doctors portraits, consulting rooms or study situations.
  • For the campaign 100 Canteens Program MKULNV, wiminno photographed the canteen kitchens.