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The Social Insurance for Artists (KSK)

The site has been provided with a consciously emotional introduction page in order to reduce inhibitions from people and companies looking to seek insurance. In addition, the site was completely cleared up - important information is now centrally placed in the media center.

The target groups are encouraged to look around the website through the image material. The entry modules on the home page, alongside the Flyout-menu and full-text search option, allow the user to search information in the shortest amount of time

More time for art: Interface for total annual registration

Approximately 180,000 artists are insured with the KSK, since September they can send their income estimate through a secure online form. The first online annual registration in the history of KSK, allows insurance to take a major step towards digitalization, which greatly simplifies business processes.

After several thousand feedback responses, the error rate is only a small percentage. Validity checks are carried out through the online process, increasing the quality of feedback, e.g. errors that occur are quickly detected. All data that is exchanged with the KSK itself is via a uniquely secured platform.

Implementation period

Oct. 16 - Jul. 16

Maintenance period

Since Dec. 15