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Vaccum Robots attack!

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... the latest developments in the digital environment.

After the successful start in 2023, wiminno is continuing the training series on digital technologies and challenges.
The webinar is aimed at lawyers in the civil service who work in the area of jurisprudence and criminal prosecution and want to improve their digital skills.

The content of the seminar introduces basic digital concepts and technologies and offers an in-depth analysis of digital topics.

These include, for example:

  • Digital Evidence Preservation: How is digital evidence secured, analyzed and presented to be used as legal evidence in court proceedings?
  • Cybercrime: what types of cybercrime exist, including phishing, hacking, identity theft and fraud. Approaches to investigating and prosecuting cybercrime and prosecuting perpetrators are also taught.
  • How is AI changing the economy and society? How do criminals use AI?
  • How are seeminly innocous houshold items like smart light bulbs and Wi-Fi vaccum robots used for syber attacks?
  • How does the blockchain work? How can Bitcoin outflows be proven?
  • How is Bitcoin changing the law and contracts?

The speakers from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the NRW State Criminal Police Office (LKA NRW) and IT forensic experts once again gave extremely exciting insights into practice.

Thank you for that. We also learn something new every time!

If you would like to find out how you can make your web secure, please call us at +49-202 - 371 46-0.