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radprax precautions institute

radprax is the biggest ambulatory healthcare centre (MVZ) in Nordrhein-Westfalia. Situated in Düsseldorf Airport-City, the precautions institute practices with state of the art investigating technology.

wiminno carried out the development of the website in three languages and SEO measures for different target markets.

Early diagnosis is not easy, because it’s a scary subject. The process requires both an emphasis on technical efficiency and of human attention and care. As far as the foreign customers are concerned, the care-free provision package is at the centre point of radprax’s treatment, from the moment of hospitalization right through to the after-care.

With the Dutch-speaking site <link></link&gt; MVZ successfully reaches out to customers from the neighboring country.

Implementation period

Feb. 15 - Jan. 16

Maintenance period

Since Aug. 08