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100 Canteens program

"More NRW in the pot" shortening transportation routes. The aim of the 100 canteens program is to open up the potential for new markets with the support of local agricultural and food economy in NRW. Over the coming years, the program will specifically promote and accompany the regional anchorage of canteens, stating, "The goods often lay near".

wiminno looked into the cooking pot of the chefs of NRW and produced the entire image material.

23 pioneering canteens from the 100 Canteens Program became agriculturally distinguished by Minister of Agriculture and consumer protection minister Johanne Remmel, other stake holders also put their profile on the virtual marketplace.

The second application round to the honoring of the pioneer's canteen in 2016 is now operating!

Implementation period

Jan. 15 - Sep. 15

Maintenance period

Sep. 01 - Sep. 15