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Frankfurt Book Fair October 10th until 18th 2018

Kürschners präsentiert sich auf der Buchmesse Frankfurt

Kürschners Messestand

Like every year since 1993, we visit the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. As early as the beginning of the 1990s, on the horizon of the analogue world of books, online information providers such as "Dialog", "GBI", "Genios" or the "Financial Times" were already shimmering. Accompanied by the characteristic hissing of a so-called acoustic coupler or the buzzing and snarling of a modem, these service providers were able to download business information at lame 2400 bauds, which was unreadable because they rattled too fast, mostly on a monochrome screen. "Browser" or "the Internet" were terms that nobody in Germany could yet classify.The admission of electronic media to the book fair was accompanied by great resistance. Like the invention of 500-year moving-type letterpress printing, which led to the book fair, the change was palpable, despite modest beginnings, which electronic media introduced 25 years ago for book production. However, the new media have not led to the disappearance of books or reading. On the contrary - the number of published books is growing year by year. The Internet makes publishing self-published - partly under the wing of major publishers. Renowned publishers use the supposedly disruptive technology for their own purposes. Specialist publishers recognize that they are not part of the paper industry, but can sell their editorial knowledge as well electronically and still profitably. On Friday I will visit "Kürschners Politikkontakte" in hall 3.1 G 46 at the book fair, our customers whose conversion from "paper publishing house" to on-line information offerer we are happy to accompany since 12 years. With "KürschnerSmart" the publisher has launched a new product for the SmartPhone with the help of wiminno, which allows a quick orientation to thousands of mandate holders. Visit us.