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Reengineering - from WordPress in TYPO3

Software Reengineering von WordPress zu TYPO3

The future-proof dimensioning of a CMS should, however, play the greatest role. Much of what was initially planned as a blog system will later be expanded to include functions such as a shop or databases. At this point, some CMS reach their limits. Some customers have therefore recently approached us with the request to switch from WordPress (WP) to TYPO3. In addition to the confusion of the WP backend, problems with updating and adapting WP plug-ins are the reasons that are mentioned most frequently. WordPress enthusiasts may disagree strongly here, but it is undisputed that WP is primarily a blog system and not an enterprise CMS with which complex portals could be managed.

So if you want to change - we will transfer your WP pages quickly and safely into a TYPO3 system. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Phone +49 30-42 08 07-0.