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Developing new business models for the Internet

20 years after of the Internet arriving in Germany, it goes without saying how important online presence is for German companies today. Business processes such as communication, solicitation, market and price comparison, in addition to the trade in products and services, are all handled via the Internet. The information gap between the real and the virtual world "Internet of Things" ( "IoT") is being filled ( "The stock is empty", "The air is too cold"). The availability of electronic devices along with access to networks and social media allow business models to grow faster than ever before.

New business models - just for Google and Co?

More than any other company, Google has worked consistently to use the Internet for the development of new business models by destroying others. Services such as the advertising funded search engine, Google Maps service and the systematic recording of knowledge, have enabled the company to enter the mobility sector with leaps and bounds, making a considerable impact on the car industry. Online retailing giant Amazon, has Big Data analysis to thank for being able to soon predict what products customers will order through their feed and deliver their order to their doorstep by drone. Uber, the former ridiculed taxi enterprise, is becoming the world’s greatest logistics provider. The headhunter industry comes under threat by technical advances such as vocal characteristic analysis as it is producing better results than a human being. Social networks such as LinkedIn show the vulnerability of the headhunting business.

Disruptively innovative German SMEs

What does this have to do with the German SME sector? The German SMEs has known disruption for years. At first they laughed at cheap textiles from the Far East until the entire textile industry migrated to Asia - only a few companies have managed to make their technology for other industries succeed. Anyone who grew up in the last millennium in the German Ruhr region and still has all 5 senses together, would have noticed that industries have drastically changed or even disappeared completely.

Over the last 40 years, industries such as publishing houses have experienced enormous changes that have again, been amplified by the Internet. If we follow the example of our clients Kürschner Political Contacts of the NDV publishing house from Rheinbreitbach. NDV have been distributing the red and white striped standard reference book for political decision makers in Germany for decades. wiminno first came into contact with them 12 years ago, as editors for the regularly updated, loose-leaf binder ‘Handbook of the German Bundestag.’ Subsequently, a CD-ROM was released as a supplement to the manual, which could make more specific searches than the already existing data. After the electronic alternative to printing was approved, wiminno developed a platform for their customers, which allowed specific searches for different criteria. Searches could be named and stored with results exported in all common data formats. Individual purchase of data was made available in April 2016 after re-launching the site. NDV have been very successful in providing a complete service of political enquiries and communication. With the support of wiminno, they have displayed excellent transformation from traditional print publishing to a very successful digital service provider: Kürschners Politikkontakte

Monitoring health care

Monitoring services on the Internet open up many new opportunities for health care and health insurance companies. The radprax Group is one of the biggest Radiology-MVZ in North Rhine-Westphalia and is engaged in the heart of its location. Based in Düsseldorf Airport City, radprax operates with the latest MRI technology aimed at international patients from Saudi Arabia, Russia and the Netherlands. With the help of wiminno, radprax ran an intensive market research campaign meeting the requirements and needs of their respective clients. Interlaced campaigns that develop business models such as this, would be impossible without the Internet. radprax-Gruppe Düsseldorf und radprax-Gruppe niederländische Landingpage.

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